Request a new bin

If you move into a property with no bin, you can request a new bin:

  • new grey recycling bins are are currently subsidised at half price - £18.50
  • new green general waste bins are £37
  • new brown garden waste bins are £37

There is also a £40 annual collection charge for brown garden waste bins. There is a £25 annual collection charge for all additional brown bins. 

Request a new bin

Request an additional bin

Additional green general waste and brown garden waste bins are £37 each.

Additional grey recycling bins are £18.50.

Request an additional bin

Can I buy my own bin?

If you want to purchase your own bin independently of the council, then it must be:

  • a wheeled bin
  • compliant with the EN 840 standard
  • either 140 litre or 240 litre capacity
  • the correct colour for the type of waste that it will contain

If your bin does not meet this criteria, then it will not be emptied by the council.

Bins for multi occupancy properties

This includes flats and sheltered accommodation.

  • refuse metal bulk bins (1100 litre capacity, with lid): £79.24 per bin/per year.
  • refuse metal chamberlain bins (940 litre capacity, without lid): £47.63 per bin/per year.

Call Biffa Waste Services Ltd on 0151 343 3720.