Post holder

Salary in 2018-19

Chief Executive
Eric Robinson


Director for Strategy and Partnerships 
Fiona Johnstone (Acting)


Assistant Chief Executive
David Armstrong


Director for Children
Paul Boyce

Director for Health and Care
Graham Hodkinson

Director for Corporate Resources and Reform
Paul Satoor


Strategic Hub

Salary in 2018-19

Director for Health and Wellbeing
Julie Webster (Acting)

Strategic Commissioner for Growth
Alan Evans

Strategic Commissioner for Environment
Mark Smith


Lead Commissioner Schools
Sue Talbot

Assistant Director: Commissioning Support
Nicola Butterworth

Business Services

Salary in 2018-19

Director: Governance and Assurance
Philip McCourt
Corporate Resources and Reform Salary in 2018-19
Director for Finance and Investments (S151)
Shaer Halewood
Assistant Director: Human Resources & Organisational Development
Chris Hyams


Delivery Services

Salary in 2018-19

Assistant Director: Adult and Disability Services
(Interim: Michael Murphy)

£68,690 - £76,323

Assistant Director: Community Services
(Interim: Andrew Elkington)

£68,690 - £76,323

Assistant Director: Environmental Services
David Ball


Director of Merseyside Pension Fund
Peter Wallach

Children's Services Salary in 2018-19
Deputy Director: Children's Services
Deborah Gornik
Deputy Director: Children's Social Care
Simone White
Health and Care Salary in 2018-19
Assistant Director: Integrated Commissioning
Jacqui Evans
Assistant Director: Health and Outcomes
Jason Oxley