You can complain online through Citizens Advice  if you wish to speak to someone in person.

If the matter involves a breach of criminal legislation, it will be referred on to Trading Standards. If further details are required, we will call you.

Please ensure that you give as much detail as you can to Citizens Advice, including:

  • trader details
  • car registration (if a car complaint)
  • method of purchase
  • web address
  • where you saw the product advertised
  • what description was applied

How we investigate complaints

Wirral Trading Standards enforces legislation which controls the quantity, quality, price, description and safety of goods and services.

We ensure compliance by:

  • thorough investigation of complaints
  • visits to businesses and premises
  • advising traders and consumers
  • sampling
  • testing goods and services

All enquiries are recorded and evaluated.

Where possible, we deal with your complaint immediately, but sometimes it has to be referred for a later inspection.

The information you provide may be used to assess trading patterns or malpractices, or for campaigns to improve consumer laws.

Product recalls

If your complaint is about the safety of a product, check to see if the product has been recalled. Current Product Recalls are listed on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) website.

If you wish to find older recalls you can search European Product Safety Notifications which details everything that’s been reported.