If you send your waste food for animal feed, you must contact Trading Standards and be included on our Feed Register.

Regulations regarding food hygiene require feed businesses to register with trading standards if they place animal feed ‘on the market’.

Further information can be found through The Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2005.

Activities which will require registration include:

  • manufacturing animal feeds
  • marketing animal feeds
  • importing animal feeds
  • storing animal feeds
  • transporting animal feeds
  • selling co-products of the food industry as feeds
  • carrying out on-farm mixing
  • feeding food-producing animals
  • growing crops to be used as animal feeds
  • carrying out other controlled activities

This also includes manufacturers or retailers who send their surplus off to local farmers to feed to animals or send their ‘waste’ to another site to be processed for animal feed. One business’s ‘waste’ can turn into another business’s ingredient.

Further information on who needs to be approved or registered can be found on FSA Guidance.

Wirral’s Feed Register can be viewed by emailing tradingstandards@wirral.gov.uk.