Wirral Council is responsible for enforcing legislation designed to protect young people from certain products. A table of some of these products and their related age restrictions can be found at Business Companion.

If you sell tobacco you must display a notice that reads:


The notice must be displayed in a prominent position and be easily visible at the point of sale. The notice must be no less than 297mm x 420mm (A3) and the characters must be no less than 36mm in height.

Tobacco products can no longer be on ‘open’ display in line with the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Display) (England) Regulations 2010.

Refusals register

If you sell age-restricted products, you should keep a note of when you have refused a sale.

Print a blank copy of the refusals register, to keep a record of your refusals.

Other guidance and documents (including the Tobacco Notice) can be accessed on the No ID No Sale website.

Challenge 25

Trading Standards support Challenge 25. The ability to determine the age of young people has become increasingly difficult over the years. This has led to problems for both retailers and young people when trying to purchase and sell age-related goods. Retailers are encouraged to ask customers who look under 25 to produce proof of age to help prevent underage sales.

Many retailers and most authorities support the PASS Scheme, which is the UK’s National Accreditation Scheme. Customers can apply for a PASS-accredited Citizen Card and you can accept this as proof that they’re the appropriate age.