The reason for subcontracting

As part of the Community Learning offer, funded through Liverpool City Region, some Neighbourhood Learning provision is subcontracted in the academic year 2021-22.

Neighbourhood Learning provides added value to the courses delivered by the Lifelong Learning Service, whilst taking care not to duplicate or replace other adult learning provision in Wirral. It is targeted to reach groups of people who are not already accessing adult learning and to provide additional courses in new and specialist areas.

The priority recipients of Neighbourhood Learning are Voluntary and Community (‘Third Sector’) organisations, who engage in direct delivery of adult learning in their local areas, in partnership with Wirral Lifelong Learning Service.  They provide effective learning and through their community, are able to reach and retain harder to reach learners.

What does Neighbourhood Learning aim to achieve?

  • To contribute to local priorities for adult community learning.
  • To develop community learning through partnership working.
  • To improve local areas through encouraging local people to participate more in their communities and build on their community strengths.
  • To broaden and improve the quality of the learning provider base, particularly voluntary and community.
  • To deliver innovative first steps towards employment, volunteering, further learning, and personal development to our Learner Target Groups.

The priority aim is to build local capacity to supply effective learning to ‘hard to reach’ learners and to support them to progress positively. Projects are funded entirely for Wirral learners aged 19+ years. In line with national and local priorities, Liverpool City Region funding will target work with the aim of increasing numbers from groups of people with specific needs and who are under-represented in adult learning.

Specific target groups are:

  • Individuals and families with the most disadvantage
  • Residents of Deprived areas
  • Vulnerable groups, including people who are socially isolated
  • People with disabilities
  • BME groups
  • People who are unemployed or in low paid work particularly those with additional needs.
  • Adults with low level skills not able to access other provision.
  • People with no quals at Level 2.
  • People trained as volunteers to encourage and support others to learn.

Registration of our Sub-Contractor Providers

Providers must be registered with the UK register of learning providers and supply the Council with a UK provider reference number (this will be similar to 10001234).

Registration is free, online, and takes only a few minutes.

Staff Qualifications

Teaching Staff must have an appropriate adult teaching qualification, i.e., Cert Ed PTTLS, DTTLLS, or equivalent.

Marketing / Promotion of activities

Providers must demonstrate how they will actively go out into their communities to reach the specific groups of learners for their project(s).

The Service’s contribution to improving subcontractor’s quality of T & L

All teaching and support staff will be subject to observation by professionals from Wirral Lifelong and Service, and are expected to work towards agreed improvements.

Staff are expected to attend Lifelong Learning CPD and Standardisation sessions (known as RARPA) and be committed to continuous quality improvement of teaching, learning and assessment practice. The service reserves the right to refuse to accept staff who do not meet the required standards. This includes the requirement to follow Lifelong Learning Service procedures in respect of quality and safeguarding.

Recharging (fees to manage sub-contractors)

No separate fee is charged to subcontractors for the quality support provided by the Service, or management or administration fees. Additional support, in the form of intensive staff development and training for example, may be offered at an additional cost.

The support subcontractors receive

Subcontractors are supported by Service Managers and staff to meet the required quality and data standards.

Payment terms between The Service and our subcontractors

In the academic year 2021-22, payments to sub-contractors will be made in monthly instalments based on the agreed maximum contract funding, but subject to performance in terms of appropriate enrolments. Failure to reach the target numbers of learners, or other non-compliance with the standard contract / terms & conditions, will result in suspension of monthly payments or corresponding amount per learner being deducted from the payment.

Awarding of Contracts

Tendering / Contract Awarding processes follow Wirral Councils procurement policies and procedures. Successful bidders engage in a tendering process, normally annually, via a tendering portal known as the ‘CHEST’. Rollover to the next academic year is allowable on this contract and applies to one provider in 21-22.