What to expect if you have signed up for a course and:

  • you need to self-isolate; or
  • local restrictions require you to remain at home; or
  • we suspend face-to-face teaching in line with Government guidance.

What remote classes will I be able to do?

Most of our classes can be delivered remotely. As soon as you know you will not be able to come into class you should contact your tutor or call the admin team on 0151 666 3330 to find out what happens next.

During the pandemic our tutors have been able to teach online, send learning out via e mail or post, share resources and ensure all learners can stay up to date or complete their learning.

How will the class change: timetabling, virtual learning environments and assessment arrangements?

We use Microsoft Teams to deliver online. We will send you details of how to download the App on to your phone, tablet or laptop; your tutor will invite you to a Teams meeting so your learning can continue.

Your class day and time will stay the same unless agreed with your tutor.

Assessments will be arranged on an individual basis and in line with the awarding body recommendations; some assessments cannot be completed online but we will try to make sure you can take an assessment if you have missed it through no fault of your own.

What can I expect?

Our tutors and admin team will stay in touch with you so you know exactly what will happen and you can keep us informed about what is happening for you. During the pandemic our learners have continued with their learning and been able to send in work.

What arrangements will there be if I need specialist equipment?

We will speak to you individually if you need specialist equipment; it may be that we can supply equipment or that we rearrange your learning so that you can do learning that needs equipment when you return to face to face learning.

What support is there for me if I don’t have a laptop/tablet, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning?

We have a laptop loan scheme for learners which includes connectivity. You should speak to your tutor about this as soon as you know you are not going to be able to continue with face-to-face learning. You can loan the laptop for the whole time you are on the course, once your course has finished you must return the laptop.

How can I be sure I’ll be safe learning online?

We will send you some guidelines for staying safe online. Your tutor will give you some ground rules to follow when learning remotely.

Please watch this short video which explains about online safety.

Easy Read guidance for the following documents are available by contacting lifelonglearning@wirral.gov.uk:

  • Setting up secure online profiles
  • Keeping e-mails safe
  • Using a webcam
  • Staying safe online and in real life

Easy Read COVID-19 guidance documents are available to read on the NHS Wirral website in both English and other languages.

What support is there for me if I need learning support?

Your tutor and our learning support team will stay in touch with you whilst you are isolating. They can act as a mentor, support with learning and technical issues, advise you about when and how to return to the classroom.

Wirral Council has lots of information about how we should behave during this time to ensure we and others stay safe.

Wirral Lifelong Learning Service follows the local and national advice and guidelines about staying safe whilst learning. These have been put together by our local community leaders for our safety when learning. When we follow these rules, we can stay safe and keep our families and communities safe whilst we continue to learn.

Our tutors will keep you up to date about any changes which you need to know about how to continue your learning.

Please contact us on 0151 666 3330 if you want to find out more.