What will I learn?

Understand the definition of stress and anxiety, learn how stress and anxiety affects our bodies and brains, how we respond to stress and anxiety, identify positive and negative coping strategies and understand how to reduce stress.

How will I do this?

This is a 2hr workshop with CPD accreditation. The course is a mixture of theory and practical activities. We will consider definitions, discuss information and watch videos to explore the impact of stress and anxiety on our bodies and our brains.

  • You will need access to Zoom (free download)
  • PowerPoint presentation through screen sharing
  • Videos through screen sharing
  • Handouts – through Messenger, Email or WhatsApp
  • Completion of an evaluation – to record your activity/learning and what you felt about it.

Course tutor: Lynne Akwei-HoweLynne Akwei-Howe