What will I learn?

This is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and commit to developing new routines to create a greater sense of wellness: you will learn about building self-awareness, reflection and review skills which can be put together as a personal profile toolkit of resources to focus and manage well-being during challenging times.   The course aims to give you a greater sense of understanding of yourself and others, allowing you to feel more in control of and awareness of your feelings, reactions and relationships.

The last session is a fun and practical session, which will guide you through a wide range of practical tools and techniques which you can then take away and use in everyday life.

How will I do this?

This course consists of 3 x 1-hour delivery sessions over Zoom followed by 1-hour group review opportunity. There is also 3 hours of home learning over the course, allowing you the chance to try out ideas and develop your own personalised wellbeing toolkit. The course is a mixture of theory, discussion and practical activities.

Session 1 - Understanding basic theory of the brain, the stress response, anxiety and how our body communicates

Session 2 - Developing self-awareness, developing a feelings vocabulary, noticing signs

Session 3 - Strategies to manage stress at various stages, developing routines to promote well-being, focus and hope for the future

  • You will need access to Zoom (free download)
  • PowerPoint presentation – This can be shared with learners via Zoom
  • YouTube video’s
  • Handouts – through email or post
  • Completion of a reflection diary – to capture key ‘wins’ and record your learning, which can help you reflect and notice progress
  • Electronic registration forms and word to complete
  • Email address

Course tutor: Claire Owens