What will I learn?

You will learn what happens to your body and mind in times of stress, and we will discuss possible ways of alleviating some of the effects. The course aims to build and develop mental strength and adaption to challenging times. We will look at a variety of practical methods including breathing, focusing the mind, body posture, movement and nature immersion. We will look at various body and mind techniques and how to apply them to help ourselves and our families.

How will I do this?

This is a 6hr course and consists of 3 sessions. The course is a mixture of theory and practical activities. In each session we will discuss and share basic theory (through handouts and group discussion).

  • You will need access to Zoom (free download)
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • YouTube videos
  • Handouts – through zoom
  • Completion of a short learning diary – to record your progress
  • Email address

Course tutor: Paula StauntonPaula Staunton - tutor