What will I learn?

Ideas to help home life be a calmer environment during a time when tensions can run high.  Use simple techniques to understand, recognise and reduce communication habits which can result in conflict and stress.  Notice when emotions are taking control and how to step away and keep communication positive.

How to use quick, simple and easy coaching questions to improve communication and empower yourself and others to problem solve without feeling overwhelmed.

How will I do this?

This course is 4 x 1 hour sessions over Zoom followed by 1-hour group reviews. There is also 4 hours of home learning which will give you the chance to try out the ideas between classes. We will use a mixture of theory, discussion and practical activities using workbooks to log your progress, discussion and power-point presentations, giving you a toolkit of understanding to build awareness.

  • You will need access to Zoom (free download) to share

               PowerPoint presentation
               YouTube video’s

  • Handouts – through email or post
  • Completion of an electronic reflection diary – to capture key ‘wins’ and record your learning, which can help you think about what you are learning and the progress you are making
  • Electronic registration forms and work to complete
  • Email address

Course tutor: Claire OwensClaire Owens - tutor