Consultation on change to age range at Heswall Primary School

Wirral Council is proposing to amend the age range of Heswall Primary School from 4 to 11 to 2 to 11. The proposal has met the criteria for a change of age range and the school have consulted all stakeholders with due diligence.

The school currently offers 2 and 3 year old provision as a Governor‐led, non‐maintained preschool,Plus Club Pre‐School. Under this proposal, the early years provision would become maintained along with the rest of the school. This would enable the school to improve communication and administration and bring the pre‐school currently on site under the school umbrella as a maintained Nursery class. This would have no impact on the amount of early years places provided.

A Governor‐led pre‐school is a setting that is managed directly by the Governing Body. Unlike maintained nursery provision, children are not registered pupils of the school and provision is managed separately by the Governing Body.

“Plus Club Pre‐School” has been a popular provision within the local community who have shown the demand for nursery places on the school site. Integrating into the school will allow children in attendance to be registered as pupils of the school. This would enable the school to improve communication and administration and adopt a cohesive and consistent approach to learning right through to Year 6.

There would be no change to the number or location of places to be offered. The proposal would not alter the school’s admission number for Foundation 2, or the school’s admission arrangements. Attending a particular nursery or pre‐school does not give any priority for admission to Heswall Primary School in Foundation 2, and parents of nursery aged children would continue to need to apply in the usual way for admission to the school.

There should not be any impact on traffic in the area as no additional places are being introduced. How to respond If you would like to make a comment of support or objection, a four week representation period starts on 22nd September 2023 and ends at 5pm on 20th October 2023. A formal public notice has been issued at the school and in the local area.

Responses must be in writing and can be sent to (please put “Heswall Comment” in the subject header), or by post to:

Admissions and Place Planning
Wirral Council
PO Box 290
Brighton Street
CH27 9FQ

What happens next

At the end of the 4 week period, the local authority will consider evidence including any responses received. The council’s decision maker will decide whether or not to proceed with the proposal.