The law requires every Local Education Authority to have a Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) to advise the local authority on matters related to religious education in schools.

Wirral SACRE

Wirral SACRE is made up of four groups. They represent:

  • the Church of England
  • Christian denominations other than the Church of England, along with other faith groups
  • teachers
  • the Local Education Authority

What does Wirral SACRE do?

Wirral SACRE has a statutory duty to:

  • advise the council on how to support and improve religious education and collective worship in maintained schools
  • require the council to convene an agreed syllabus conference to review the religious education taught in schools
  • determine whether pupils in a particular school can be exempted from the requirement for Christian collective worship

In addition, the work of Wirral SACRE includes:

  • monitoring and improving standards in the provision of religious education and in the quality of collective worship
  • maintaining the partnership between the SACRE, the council and other stakeholders
  • ensuring the effectiveness of the locally agreed syllabus
  • contributing to the promotion of social cohesion and racial harmony

For further information on Wirral SACRE, please email: