School attendance support and advice

Every day in school can make a difference to a child’s future, which is why regular and high attendance in school is vital.

The #EveryDayCounts campaign is a council and partner campaign to improve school attendance in Wirral to achieve better outcomes for children and young people.

Wirral Council, along with a number of partner agencies, community organisations and schools are working together to encourage parents to do all they can to encourage regular attendance, or speak out if they need advice or support.

The benefits of regular school attendance includes:

  • learning and exploring variety subjects and topics
  • chance of making friends,
  • gaining skills for life that create opportunities to succeed and enjoy life in adulthood
  • higher chance to gain qualifications
  • positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing

If you are a parent or carer concerned about your child’s attendance, speak to your child’s school for support and advice first.