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Ofsted Good Provider

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In our recent OFSTED inspection we were graded Good.

Over 2,000 students a year come to our courses making positive changes in their lives by gaining qualifications, getting jobs, becoming volunteers and doing more learning.

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Learners referred to the ways in which they had been helped to develop:

"“I made major progress – I got a job!”

“Improved my confidence and self-belief”

“Helped with my social skills, really brought me out of myself”

“Made me want to progress, to keep learning”

“More comfortable being out in the community”

“Helped me see what I could achieve”

“I made lots of friends, and we still keep in touch”

“I love coming, it’s a really supportive group, not just in class, but with personal things”. matrix report, June 2023

"I would like to extend my warm thank you to the tutor, Dave Yates, who facilitated an informative and interesting mentoring course. The mentoring online course was organised; I would receive a link each week prior to the course starting. The tutor presented the course in a way that was interactive, supporting group participation, clearly explaining the concepts/stages of mentoring, and confirming that the learners understood the content before moving onto the next area. Work that I have submitted, I would receive back in a timely manner, and the feedback that I received was positive which provided me with encouragement and confidence within my ability to become a mentor. This has been an enjoyable course, the tutor is approachable and supportive, and I have recommended this course to other people. I am looking forward to implementing what I have learned on the course. The tutor has supported me to achieve a mentoring qualification as a mentor. I can now provide support to mentees to achieve their goals and aspirations. Thank you." - Learner completing ‘Mentoring Skills L2’ online course, May 2022.

"I’ve found the course as fantastic as it is. I think the courses I have taken have given my confidence a boost. Wish there was more variety. This course is good support for ICT Level 1 which I have almost completed this term. Excellent tutor, Jill, explained everything clearly." - Learner attending Maths For Functional Skills IT’ at the Lauries, June 2022.

"As a result of the workshop, I am now going to practise at home and I am now going to make more smoothies with my children. The children were excited about doing it." -  Learner attending ‘Food & Mood (Parents)’ at Grove Street School, July 2022.

"The courses have helped me a lot in such a short period. I gained experience in communication and writing, thanks to the tutor, Oksana." - Learner attending ‘ESOL Entry 1 Writing Skills’ at the Lauries, April 2022.

"I will be able to support my child to problem solve now that I have a better understanding of it." - Learner attending ‘Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution’ at Hillside Primary May 2022,

"Staff create a positive and inclusive learning environment in which learners are nurtured, feel safe and have respect for each other and their tutors." - OFSTED, February 2018.

"Experienced and competent tutors have high expectations of learners and plan exciting and thought-provoking activities." - OFSTED, February 2018.

"Learners enjoy learning. They develop good and useful practical skills that help them progress." - OFSTED, February 2018.

"Courses improve the life chances of learners from the most disadvantaged communities." - OFSTED, February 2018.

“These sewing courses are ideal for me. They’re in the day, just the right length and put on at ideal times for me to sort out my childminding and arrange my shift pattern.” - 'A' did a Level 1 Open Awards in Sewing Skills.

"Partnership and networking continue to be major strengths of the service. Its links to the wide range organisations in the community attracts learners. It provides accessible venues for classes. The service gathers information about community needs and offers a range of support." - matrix 2023.

"The information and guidance on offer was described by staff as, “continuously evolving and improving” includes a wide range of personalised support. In all stages of the learner journey, well qualified staff are deeply committed to the success and progress of learners. Personal development was mentioned by learners, and the Review highlighted many examples of progression and learner success." - matrix 2023.