What our partners say about us

We are proud of the new and continued partnerships that we have within the Community, Voluntary and faith Sector. We have worked closely with valued partners to offer residents, volunteers and employees a range of bespoke courses and workshops within their communities. Community learning offers adults an opportunity to access a range of courses that are specifically designed to develop the skills, confidence, motivation, and resilience of adults of different ages and backgrounds to:

  • progress towards formal learning or employment and/or
  • improve their health and well-being, including mental health and/or
  • develop stronger communities

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can work in partnership with your organisation, please email lifelonglearning@wirral.gov.uk or phone 0151 666 3330.

“Crea8ing Community have had a successful and productive relationship with Lifelong Learning offering a series of workshops around wellbeing and mental health, as well as suitable for those volunteering in community or looking to gain confidence to progress into employment. Being able to offer community-based learning has supported individuals and families within our local area to develop their skills and knowledge and progress into volunteering, further qualifications, and employment. It has allowed many to build self esteem and improve mental health through the application of strategies learned leading to lifestyle changes.
The process of working alongside Lifelong Learning through RARPA to ensure quality standards, has been simple and collaborative, with easy communication and sharing between organisations. It is a pleasure to be part of the adult education community delivery partnership.”
Crea8ing Community
“We have worked alongside Life Long Learning for a number of years. They have supported us through many changes and developments and helping us to improve our own services through initiatives such as achieving The matrix Standard. We have observed and been part of their own improvement processes ensuring partners offer learning opportunities that are relevant and effective.”
Bee Wirral
“We have worked in partnership with Wirral Lifelong Learning service for a number of years and built a positive relationship with the team. The team are extremely supportive and respond quickly to any requests. We have frequent visits and conversations with the contract managers and know that there is always someone at the end of an email or phone call if we encounter any issues.”
Amber Button
“To Wirral Lifelong Learning Service team, thank you for your vision, dedication, hard work behind the scenes and support to help tutors and partners to do what we love and so passionate about... facilitating and empowering change in our community.”
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