Wirral Lifelong Learning service can help you improve your skills, qualification and prospects. You can speak to a member of staff if you have any questions:

  • are you thinking about starting a course?
  • are you thinking about a new job or becoming a volunteer?
  • do you need to improve your qualifications?
  • not sure what to do next?

Learner Guide: When, who and what's in it for you?

When and who to talk to What will we be able to tell you or help you with? Benefits to you
At the start:

Administration Team

Teaching and Learner Support Staff Manager
Basic Level of information:
  • Current WLLS timetable, know ‘What’s on’
  • Know about the courses, find our web pages and information on social media
  • Initial and interim signposting to correct course and possible progression routes
  • Knowledge of internal and external progression options - Progression Pathways docs eg local employers, networks, community groups, youth groups, church groups, other providers eg 3L’s, Wirral Multicultural Centre, partners, What’s Next events
  • Volunteering options
  • Employment clubs

You know you are on the right course at the start and are more likely to stay and succeed.

If you are not on the right course you will be redirected. 

You can start to think about what this course might lead to.

On your course:

Teaching Staff
Wirral Lifelong Learning Service Information and Initial Advice:
  • Tutors get to know your aspirations and ambitions. These are recorded on your Personal Learning Record (PLR) and reviewed and discussed regularly.
  • Individual discussions about progression through icebreakers, speaking and listening exercises, plenary activities
  • Use Progression Pathways to decide your next step options
  • Review and discuss PLR objectives
  • Make links to employment/volunteering options
  • Information about the use of libraries, websites and local papers for progression options
  • Information about National Careers Service and other courses
  • Share ideas for progression amongst peers
  • Meet guest speakers/colleagues who will talk to you and your class about progression options
  • Meet National Careers Service staff during your course to discuss your options for progression
Opportunities to discuss progression opportunities throughout your course.

Progression pathways show internal next steps choices with us and our partners.

Explore your options whilst still on your course.

Ask for specialist advice and guidance.

On your course:

National Careers Service (NCS)

Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) staff

Professional Advice and Guidance Service:

  • NCS leaflets explain the offer
  • NCS Website
  • NCS Guidance worker can speak to you and your class
  • They offer 1:1 guidance and support in depth careers guidance
Specialist guidance to help you decide what’s next for you.

It’s free and you can use it anytime whether you are on a course or not.

Which course is right for me?

If you are not sure which course is right for you, you can choose a pathway which will give a clear learning outcome to aim for and show you what courses we offer to get you there.

These are the pathways:

Digital, Employability, English, ESOL, Family Learning, Floristry, Food, Gardening, Maths, Mental Health, Sewing, Sustainability, Volunteer.

Please contact us by emailing lifelonglearning@wirral.gov.uk or calling 0151 666 3330 to get a paper or electronic copy.

For more information, call: 0151 666 3330 or email: lifelonglearning@wirral.gov.uk

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