Report flooding

Flooding from the sea or rivers

Flooding from the sea or from rivers such as the Fender, the Birket and the Arrowe Brook should be reported to the Environment Agency.

Flooding from sewers or water mains

To report flooding from public sewers contact:

To report flooding from a burst water main contact United Utilities.

Flooding caused by a problem on the road

Flooding due to heavy rain is not normally caused by blocked drains. It is normally due to the volume of water and will usually go away as the storm passes.

Report flooding or a blocked drain or grid

Report a damaged drain, grid or manhole cover 

Other flooding emergencies

Contact the council to report any other flooding emergency such as, flooding to a property or flooding to a road that is causing danger to traffic.

Flood risk and alerts

The Environment Agency provides information about areas at risk of flooding.

Flooding on private property

Problems with the drains on your property are the responsibility of the homeowner or landlord.