Planning appeals

You may appeal to the Secretary of State via the Planning Inspectorate if your application for Planning Permission is:

  • refused
  • subject to what you feel is an unreasonable condition
  • not determined by the council within the statutory timescales

It’s a good idea to contact the council first to explore ways of overcoming the reasons for refusal.

How to make an appeal

For householder appeals where the application has been refused, the appeal must be submitted within 12 weeks of the date the decision notice

For all other types of applications (refusals, non-determinations or against the grant of planning permission subject to conditions) appeals must be made within six months of the date of the decision notice

You can do this online at the Planning Inspectorate website, where you’ll also find guidance on how to support your appeal. 

How to make representations on an appeal

You will be notified if an appeal is received, but will only have the opportunity to make further comments on types of appeal other than householder appeals.  For a householder appeal, any representations made at the planning application stage will be considered by the Planning Inspector when determining the appeal.

There is no opportunity to make further representations.

Should you wish to make representations on an appeal, you can do this online at the Planning Inspectorate.