A new Local Plan is being prepared to shape the future of the Borough between 2020 and 2037. 

Regulation 19 Local Plan

The Council is currently preparing a Draft Local Plan for publication before submission to the Secretary of State which will be informed by the results of previous consultation on the Issues and Options document and various evidence studies.

What's the timetable

The timetable for the Local Plan is set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS). The Council will publish an updated LDS later this year.

View the Local Development Scheme

Get Involved

The Council consults the public and other stakeholders during the preparation of the Local Plan. How the Council will do this is set out in a Statement of Community Involvement:

View the Statement of Community Involvement

The Local Development Scheme will tell you when the next stages in the preparation of the Local Plan will take place.

If you would like to be notified when consultation on the Local Plan next takes place, you can register on the Council's online consultation portal or contact the forward planning team at: localplan@wirral.gov.uk

Latest News

Consultation on the following evidence studies took place during early 2021:

  • Local Green Space Designations: Review of Sites
  • Draft Birkenhead 2040 Framework
  • Draft Green and Blue Infrastructure Study
  • Draft Environmental Sensitivity Study
  • Draft Density Study
  • Draft Employment Land Study

The comments received are currently being considered and the final reports will be published alongside the submission draft Local Plan later this year.

Previous Stages

Issues and Options consultation document

Consultation on the Issues and Options document took place between 27 January and 6 April 2020.

The comments submitted are available to view on the Council's Consultation Portal, below.

The Council's response to these comments will be set out in a consultation statement, which will be published at the same time as the submission draft Local Plan.

Wirral's Local Plan 2020 to 2037: Consultation Portal

Viewing and Inspecting Documents

You can download the following documents below:

Wirral Local Plan 2020 to 2035 Issues and Options Interim Sustainability Appraisal

Wirral Local Plan 2020 to 2035 Issues and Options Interim Habitats Consultation

You can also view the previous site-specific proposals through our draft Policies Map, which will be updated when the submission draft Local Plan is published.

View the Interactive Issues and Options Proposals Map

Evidence Base

The preparation of the Local Plan is being informed by a number of specialist evidence studies:

View the Local Plan Evidence Base documents

New and updated studies that have been published since the Issues and Options Report was prepared can also be viewed below:

View the New Local Plan Evidence Base Studies

Local Plan Action Plan

You can view the Action Plan agreed with Government for the preparation of the Local Plan, below:

View the Action Plan

Duty to Cooperate 

The Council has a legal duty to co-operate with a number of statutory bodies and agencies when preparing a Local Plan. A summary of the current position, which will be updated when the submission draft Local Plan is published, can be viewed below:

Responses to previous consultations:

Documents related to the previous stages in the preparation of the Local Plan, including an earlier Development Options Review can be viewed below:

View Development Options Review information