Wirral Local Plan 2020 - 2035 Issues and Options Proposals Map

This mapping tool shows potential site allocations to meet the Borough's housing, mixed-use and employment needs over the lifetime period of the emerging Local Plan for Wirral.

To help you find a particular site or to view the area around where you live, you can type your address, postcode or an individual site reference number into the search bar above the map and navigate directly to sites.

Clicking on an individual site will bring up the details associated with it and, for housing and employment sites, will display a link to the 'Potential Allocations' consultation on the Council's online consultation portal. There you can register to have your say about each potential site.

Comments can be submitted until Monday 23 March 2020 at 5:00pm.

We recommend using Google Chrome web browser to view the site information.

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Navigating the map

Zoom in and out

To zoom in or out use the left mouse button to click on + and - buttons on the left of the screen. On a touchscreen you can zoom in or out by pinching the map.


You can use layers on the map to view particular information on the map such as the Local Plan Issues and Options Proposals. To switch layers on or off, click on 'Choose Map Layers' in the top-left and select the layers you want to see. You can have all layers on together or individually.

Information window

The information window will appear when you click on a layer feature on the map. This will display the type of feature. Depending on the active layer or layers, a hyperlink will take you to textual information about that feature. To close the information window, click the white cross in the top right hand corner of the window.


When interpreting the potential allocations, please refer to the Local Plan 2020 - 2035: Issues and Options consultation documents.

To find out more information about the Council's emerging Local Plan visit our Local Plan webpages.

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