Hoylake Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area Re-Designation

The Hoylake Community Planning Forum (Hoylake Vision) was re-designated by the Council on 23 May 2024 with a life of 5 years.

Further information on the Council's decision to designate can be viewed on the Council's Democracy pages.

Further information on the emerging proposals for the Area can be obtained from Hoylake Vision. Further information can also be obtained from the Council at forwardplanning@wirral.gov.uk and from 0151 691 8235.

Information on the Council's previous decision to re-designate the Forum in October 2018 can be viewed at https://www.wirral.gov.uk/planning-and-building/local-plans-and-planning-policy/neighbourhood-planning/hoylake/hoylake

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Wirral Council resolved to legally 'make' the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Hoylake on 19 December 2016. View the wider background to the decision.

Decisions on whether or not to grant planning permission in Hoylake will now need to be made in accordance with the Neighbourhood Development Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

A copy of the Council's Decision Statement and the final version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan can be viewed below:


Wirral Council agreed to designate the Hoylake Community Planning Forum on 30 April 2013. The community planning forum will have a life of five years. Further information can be obtained from the Community Forum website.

The public contact for the Neighbourhood Forum is Nigel Blacow (Membership Secretary) who can be reached at membership@hoylakevision.org.uk

The Hoylake Community Planning Forum published a draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for public consultation in January 2015 and submitted their final proposals to the Council for publicity and independent examination in September 2015. The Council published the proposals for public comment in November 2015. The deadline for comments was 22 December 2015.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan and the comments received were submitted to an independent Examiner, who recommended that the plan should proceed to a local referendum, subject to a number of modifications. The Council accepted the Examiner's recommendations and the modified documents were published in September 2016.

Additional Examination Documents:

The wider background to the publication of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed on the Democracy pages of the Council's website.

The local referendum on the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Hoylake, as modified following independent examination, took place on 01 December 2016.  86% of those who voted, voted in favour of using the plan to help decide planning applications within the Neighbourhood Area. Find out more about the results of the referendum.

The Leader of the Council (as Portfolio Holder for Strategic Economic Development, Finance and Devolution) recommended the final 'making' of the Neighbourhood Development Plan on 9 December 2016. View the wider background to the decision.