Wirral Housing Density Study 2021

The focus of these reports is on making the most efficient use of available land, to prevent the need for unnecessary development outside the existing urban area. 

Subject to the results of consultation, the findings will be tested for their viability, as part of the ongoing Viability Assessment of the Local Plan and will be used to guide the capacity assessment of future development sites and policies for the density and design of new residential development in the emerging Local Plan.

H5.1 - originally published in January 2020, set out why a different approach to residential density was needed, subject to the impact on local character.

H5.2 - sets out how zones where higher residential densities could be supported have been identified, based on the access to transport, services and facilities within each area.

H5.3 - sets out how higher residential densities might be achieved on particular types and location of site based on 14 site and neighbourhood specific case studies

H5.4 - sets out a summary of the final policy recommendations

To make comments on any of these documents, visit the Evidence Base consultation on the Council's Consultation Portal.