Draft Open Space Assessment Report 2019

This report provides an up-to-date assessment of the condition, distribution and overall quality of existing open space in Wirral. It also considers the future need for new open space based upon population distribution, planned growth and public consultation.

Draft Open Space Standards Paper 2020

This document sets out proposed revised standards for open space provision by identifying deficiencies and surpluses in existing and future provision. The revised standards will inform the policies to be contained within the Council’s Local Plan and help to set the approach to securing open space facilities through new housing development and developer contributions towards the provision of appropriate open space facilities and their long-term maintenance.

Draft Wirral Local Football Facility Plan 2018

This plan was commissioned and produced by the Football Association, with the aim to identify opportunities to accurately target investment in football facilities across the local area. This information was collected from a wide selection of consultees including affiliated football clubs in Wirral.

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