Asbestos management plan

Asbestos regulations are constantly updated to include the management of asbestos within the workplace. 

Wirral Council has the following procedures in place:

  • every council building has had a type 2 asbestos survey carried out. This involves a UKAS accredited environmental company taking samples of suspected items, analysing them and producing a report
  • each report shows where Asbestos Contaminating Material (ACM) is situated within the building. 6 monthly checks are carried out on any items found to contain asbestos
  • any contractors working on council buildings must read and sign the report before any works are carried out. If asbestos is involved, the Building Maintenance Unit is informed. Any work is performed by a licensed contractor
  • when asbestos removal work is carried out on a building, the report is amended to show what item has been removed and the new copy sent out to the site
  • buildings that are to be demolished or have major structural work on them are required to have a type 3 asbestos survey. This can only be carried out when buildings are empty