A buildings regulations application is needed before you intend to undertake ‘building work’.  Some examples of common types of building work include:

  • erect a new building
  • extend an existing building e.g. kitchen extension
  • make structural alterations to a building e.g. remove a load bearing wall
  • convert a loft e.g. make a new bedroom in the roof space
  • install services and fittings e.g. install central heating
  • change of use of a building e.g. convert a house to flats
  • erect a large conservatory e.g. floor area greater than 30m²
  • renew a roof covering

Please note this list is not exhaustive.

Certain works are exempt from requiring an application.

If you want to talk to us to check if an application is required, please contact us on 0151 691 8454 or email 
buildingcontrol@wirral.gov.uk  and we will be happy to help you.