Request a site inspection

There are 3 ways to request a site inspection:

Download the free site inspection app

 Request site inspection online

You can also request by phone on 0151 691 8454.

If required, the inspection can be carried out on the same day if the request is made by telephone before 9.30am.

What Inspections do I need?

The regulations require that the person carrying out building work gives the Control Office notice when the work has reached particular stages. The stages are set out in your service plan.  During the construction process, inspections will be made at your or your builder’s request.  

Stages for inspection

Either you or your builder should request an inspection at each of the stages listed below (where appropriate depending on the type of work):

  • foundation excavations prior to concreting
  • oversite (ground floor) prior to concreting
  • damp proof course prior to covering
  • drainage prior to backfilling
  • completion of works

The Building Control Officer may also request notification at other stages of the work not specifically included within the Regulations e.g. roof timbers.

Not all of the above stages for inspections are applicable for certain types of work. For example, loft conversions where, after the commencement visit, inspections of the structural elements will normally be required.

If you are in any doubt as to what stage you require an inspection, please contact us on 0151 691 8454 or  and we will assist you.