Street lights

We maintain around 35,000 street lights and 5,000 illuminated signs and traffic bollards along 737 miles of road. We do not have the resources to quickly fix every fault, so we have to focus on the faults that create the greatest risk.

Inspections and maintenance

We carry out daytime and night-time inspections to identify streetlights which are damaged or not working.

Around 80% of problems are fixed at the first visit, but some faults may need extra work. Sometimes there are underground cable faults that may require work from Scottish Power.  These can take longer than normal to repair.

Street light replacement programme

In September 2019 we started work to replace the remaining inefficient street lights across the borough with efficient LED light bulbs. The project was completed in March 2022 and replaced approximately 25,000 lights and 10,000 lamp post columns.

This work will improve Wirral’s street lighting network, and dramatically reduce energy use by approximately 60%, as well as our carbon footprint by 1,300 tonnes each year. It will also result in savings due to lower maintenance costs.

Description of the Scheme

This two-year project saw the completion of the LED replacement programme, the largest scheme undertaken by the Council.
Within the project:

  • 9,000 streetlights have already been fitted with LED lamps
  • 26,000 more streetlights have been fitted with LED lamps in phase 2
  • 10,000 streetlight columns have been replaced

Benefits of the Scheme

This large-scale project will see improvements to increase safety and future-proof the entire streetlight network for the borough.
These improvements will:

  • increase safety for residents
  • increase CCTV visibility
  • reduce Wirral’s energy use
  • reduce Wirral’s carbon emissions and help us meet the ambitious but necessary target set out in Cool 2, the new climate strategy from The Cool Wirral Partnership

How the scheme was funded

The project was funded through a successful bid of £4.6 million through an interest free loan from not-for-profit company SALIX as well as £5.95 million Council Capital funding.


Work on the second phase of the LED replacement programme began in September 2019 and was completed in March 2022.

Find out more about the LED Replacement project

Report a faulty street light

Report a faulty street light

Street lighting information for organisations

Organisations such as developers and contractors can request information about street lighting in Wirral.

Request street lighting information for an organisation

Christmas lights

The cost of Christmas lights in shopping areas is a partnership between the council and local traders or their Chamber of Commerce.