Wirral’s highway infrastructure plays a vital role in keeping people and places connected. It is the largest and most valuable public asset within the council’s control and includes:

  • 737 miles of roads
  • 1,154 miles of pavements
  • 38,000 street lights
  • 498 street signs
  • 5,000 illuminated signs and bollards
  • 170 structures such as bridges
  • 60,000 gullies
  • 92 miles of drains

The council has to maintain and develop the highways infrastructure to try and meet local priorities. This needs to be done within the limits of the finances that it has available.

Wirral Council’s highways service has put together a framework to help it manage Wirral’s highways assets in an organised and effective manner.

We aim to maintain assets to the required standard to prevent problems occurring. One example is the maintenance of roads. To deliver a good service it is important that we understand how long specific types of road surface last and what their relative cost will be.

Highway infrastructure asset management policy

The asset management policy describes the principles adopted in applying asset management to achieve the council’s strategic objectives.

View the Wirral highway infrastructure asset management policy

Highway infrastructure asset management strategy

The asset management strategy sets out how the long term objectives for managing Wirral’s highways are to be achieved. It links with other relevant documents, such as corporate plans, and sets out the benefits of investing in the highway infrastructure within the context of any constraints, such as funding.

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The Resilient Highway Network

The Resilient Highway Network is the part of the network that is vital to maintaining economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather and other major incidents.

Its purpose is to identify the most critical routes and it is used as a basis for decision making so that planned maintenance can be prioritised.

The map below details the current Resilient Highway Network for Wirral and has been developed in consultation with stakeholders. The network will be reviewed as part of contingency planning and updated after any relevant events.

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Highway infrastructure communications plan

The communications strategy sets out how we will communicate our approach to highway asset management ensuring that road users are kept informed of highway activities, both planned and reactive. This communications strategy will support the Wirral highways infrastructure asset management strategy which sets out how we are supporting the overall vison of the council.

Wirral Council recognises that effective communication at various stages in the highway management and maintenance process is essential for keeping everyone better informed.

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