Grids and drains

Report a problem with a drain or a grid (also known as a gully).

Report a problem with a drain or grid

If work has been carried out on the surface of the road recently, as a part of the process all iron works, including gullies for drainage systems, are masked and taped over to prevent road materials going into the drains.

To reduce the impact on drivers, once works to the surface are complete, roads are reopened to traffic as soon as possible which means that masking and taping is left in place when the road is reopened. Contractors will return to remove the covering from the ironworks and ensure they are all ok, so there is no need to report this if the works have been completed within the last 3 weeks.

Blocked drains

Report flooding from surface water around a roadside drain after heavy rainfall, which doesn’t substantially drain away after four hours.

Report flooding around a roadside drain

Dangerous flooding conditions. This can include flooding that is damaging property, blocking the road or a hazard caused by a missing or damaged drain cover.

We provide a 24-hour service to deal with reported problems. Depending on the nature and severity of the incident we aim to respond as follows:

  • dangerous road conditions - problem made safe within four hours.
  • non-hazardous conditions - the problem will be investigated and planned works undertaken if considered necessary

We don’t attend to

  • burst water mains or blocked sewers – contact United Utilities. If you live in Lower Heswall or Gayton, contact Welsh Water
  • the maintenance of private or unadopted roads and alleyways - this is the responsibility of the land or property owner