Report a problem with a drain or a grid (also known as a gully).

Report a problem with a drain or grid

Blocked drains

Report flooding from surface water around a roadside drain after heavy rainfall, which doesn’t substantially drain away after four hours.

Report flooding around a roadside drain

Dangerous flooding conditions. This can include flooding that is damaging property, blocking the road or a hazard caused by a missing or damaged drain cover.

We provide a 24-hour service to deal with reported problems. Depending on the nature and severity of the incident we aim to respond as follows:

  • dangerous road conditions - problem made safe within four hours.
  • non-hazardous conditions - the problem will be investigated within two weeks and planned works undertaken within four weeks, if considered necessary

We don’t attend to

  • burst water mains or blocked sewers – contact United Utilities. If you live in Lower Heswall or Gayton, contact Welsh Water
  • the maintenance of private or unadopted roads and alleyways  - this is the responsibility of the land or property owner