Wirral Council adopts a lifelong learning approach to road safety.

Our road safety team delivers the message of Shared Roads, Shared Responsibility through education to local schools on how to safely use our roads as a pedestrian, as a cyclist or in a vehicle. 

All Wirral schools are offered a Road Safety session for Year 6, Year 7 and Year 10 pupils.

Year 6

Prepares pupils for the transition to Secondary School and focuses on building the skills needed to travel independently and confidently. Topics include pedestrian safety, crossing roads, traffic awareness, safe cycling, car seats and seatbelts.

Year 7

Focuses on the main causes of road traffic collisions in this high-risk age group:

  • peer influence
  • distractions
  • risky behaviours
  • how to manage the increased risks safely

How to get to secondary school

Year 10

Raises awareness of the increased risks young people face as passengers when travelling in a vehicle with a young or novice driver and peers.  Students are offered information, coping strategies and guidance on making safer choices.

16 to 19 year-olds

Sessions are also available for 16-19 year-olds to highlight the issues young drivers face when they have passed their test and are most vulnerable. Topics such as drugs and alcohol, fatigue, speed, distractions and passenger influence are covered.

Resources for schools

We also have several resources available for schools which can be used to support interactive road safety campaigns, including speed guns and leaflets to raise awareness on the problems of parking around schools.

Contact us

For more information email roadsafety@wirral.gov.uk