Concerns over the enforcement of the speed of traffic should be reported to the police.

Speeding traffic and its effect on road safety is a major concern for the council. We run schemes that highlight the safety value of driving at lower speeds.

20 mph speed limits

The safety of all road users remains a high priority for Wirral Council. By introducing 20mph speed limits we aim to increase safety for all residents, reduce the number of road accidents and improve the quality of life for all communities. We need to work together to change attitudes and driving behaviour.

Driving at a lower speed can:

  • make our streets safer for activities like walking and cycling
  • keep our neighbourhoods quieter and better places to live

Community Speedwatch

Merseyside Police and Wirral Council urge people concerned over speeding traffic on our roads to join the Community Speedwatch programme.

Community Speedwatch allows residents concerned about speeding in their local area to monitor the speed of motorists using radar guns. The scheme aims to tackle areas where the dangers of careless driving and speeding are a real concern to local people. Speeding motorists are sent warning letters, which also explain the problems their speeding causes for people living in the area.

The presence of Speedwatch volunteers can encourage drivers to slow down, raise their awareness of speed as an issue and make the location safer.

For more information on becoming a Community Speedwatch volunteer, visit the Merseyside Police website.