Speeding traffic and its effect on road safety is a major concern for the council.

We need to work together to change attitudes and driving behaviour to reduce the number of road collisions and improve the quality of life for all communities.

Driving at a lower speed can:

  • make our streets safer for activities like walking and cycling
  • keep our neighbourhoods quieter and better places to live

Merseyside Road Safety Partnership and Merseyside Police promote the ‘Safer Roads Watch’ initiative to communities all over Merseyside. The scheme is operated by community members with support from their local policing teams and councils, and aims to address the issues that affect the safety of residents and vulnerable road users such as:

  • speeding
  • obstructive and dangerous parking on pavements
  • zig-zag line parking around schools

Anyone interested in learning more about Safer Roads Watch  can do so via ‘contact’ at Merseyside Road Safety Partnership

To report concerns about speeding traffic, visit the Merseyside Police website