Motorcyclists make up only 1% of all traffic, but account for approximately 23% of all road deaths and serious injuries from crashes. Riders and pillion passengers are obviously more vulnerable as they’re not surrounded by the safety features found in every modern car. Plus they can be more difficult for drivers to spot on the road. Research by the Department for Transport shows they are 38 times more likely to be killed in collisions than car occupants, per mile ridden.

Take longer to look for bikes

Drivers should take just those few extra seconds to double check before pulling out of a junction. It could prevent a collision with a motorbike.

Watch the ‘Look out for me’ video.

Be safe, be seen

Motorcyclists can be more visible on the road by wearing high visibility clothing like:

  • a fluorescent jacket in daytime 
  • reflective clothing in the dark
  • a brightly coloured or white helmet

Young riders and protective clothing

Many young people riding mopeds and scooters don’t wear sufficient protective clothing.

An accident on tarmac can cause serious injury in normal clothes. So always wear proper riding gloves, boots, jacket and trousers for maximum protection.

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