Parking charges in New Brighton

A new, experimental traffic regulation order (TRO) came into force in New Brighton that introduced a charge for parking a vehicle overnight on a stretch of Coastal Drive, adjacent to the Dips.

The same order also extends the area that prohibits motor caravans from parking next to The Dips, meaning that the only option for motorhomes and camper vans to legally park overnight in the area is to pay the new £20 parking charge.

The experimental TRO came into force from Friday 8 July 2022 and the time period in which people will have to pay to park their vehicles is between 10pm and 8am daily. At other times, it will be free.

The order will be in place for 18 months initially and because it is an ‘experimental’ TRO it can be kept under review to gauge its effectiveness. In the meantime, we will continue to investigate the viability of providing a dedicated, serviced site in the area for touring vehicles.