Description of the scheme

The project consists of major connectivity improvements to the A554 Tower Road.

These improvement works will create high quality facilities, encouraging more sustainable travel.

Work within the project will involve:

  • widening of pavements
  • reducing the width of the road
  • crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists
  • the planting of approximately 130 trees

Benefits of the scheme

The project will see the current surface areas of the highway, shared between road users, pedestrians and cyclists, improving the way the network is used and promoting more sustainable ways of travelling.

These improvements will:

  • encourage cycling, walking and the use of public transport
  • create an inclusive street that provides a network for all ranges of mobility
  • reduce the speeds of vehicles improving road safety
  • create a new street design that is adaptable and suitable for the future

How the scheme will be funded

This project is jointly funded by a successful bid, the Department of Transport and local contribution.

Extra funding has been secured for the planting of 130 trees from the EU and local contribution.


This project is due to start in April 2020 and will be complete by Autumn 2020.

Further Information

Tower Road - Consultation Boards