Description of the scheme

This project will install around 40 on-street electric vehicle charging points for public use in Wallasey and Hoylake.

Locations for these charging points were decided based on a survey completed by residents.

This is a pilot project.

Benefits of the scheme

This scheme will enable the council to provide a network suitable for a greener future.

The pilot project aims to increase electric vehicle use in Wirral and therefore reduce carbon emissions from the borough.

This will help residents to support Wirral’s climate strategy, Cool 2, which sets an ambitious goal of shifting to fossil fuel free local travel by around 2030.

How the scheme will be funded

The scheme is funded by a £77,000 grant from OZEV (Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles), formerly known as OLEV, and £26,000 from Wirral Council.


Work for the project will start in July 2021 and is due for completion by the end of September 2021.

The charging points will not be available to use immediately. They will only be used for charging electric vehicles from October 2021 onwards.