Description of the Scheme

The Port Sunlight connections project will improve the connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists along New Chester Road between Bolton Road Roundabout to St Paul’s Road.

The project will provide on-road cycle lanes in each direction between St Pauls Road and Bedford Road and footways in the area will be updated and improved to increase accessibility for residents.

The work will include:

  • installing 5.5km of new cycling infrastructure
  • improvements to footways for pedestrians
  • installation of a new pedestrian crossing to replace current crossings
  • improvements to existing pedestrian islands and crossings

The work is being carried out by our contractor Cambrianway Ltd.

Benefits of the Scheme

The project will further improve our highway network for pedestrians and cyclists, making it safer and more accessible for residents to travel sustainably.

This project will:

  • improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • provide attractive routes for pedestrians and cyclists
  • improve health and well-being by encouraging active travel (walking and cycling) and making it more accessible
  • improve safety and accessibility to local shops and amenities
  • improve air quality for all residents
  • help reduce carbon emissions

How the scheme will be funded

This projected is funded by Wirral’s Sustainable Transport Enhancements Programme Package (STEP).

£550,000 will be invested into the improvements of the route.


The project is scheduled for substantial completion by mid-December 2019.

Further information

Due to the type of work being done, to maintain safety for traffic, pedestrians and workers and to work alongside other projects, the work is having to be carried out on site in different stages.

Wirral Council apologises for any inconvenience this is causing for residents and is making every effort to complete the works as quickly as possible.