Description of the Scheme

This two-year project will see the completion of the LED replacement programme, the largest scheme undertaken by the Council.
Within the project:

  • 9,000 streetlights have already been fitted with LED lamps
  • 26,000 further streetlights will be fitted with LED lamps in phase 2
  • 9,200 streetlight columns will be replaced

Benefits of the Scheme

This large-scale project will see improvements to increase safety and future-proof the entire streetlight network for the borough.
These improvements will:

  • increase safety for residents
  • increase CCTV visibility
  • reduce Wirral’s energy use
  • reduce Wirral’s carbon emissions and help us meet the ambitious but necessary target set out in Cool 2, the new climate strategy from The Cool Wirral Partnership

Progress updates

The figures below show the progress of the LED street light replacement programme so far, since September 2019.

How the scheme will be funded

The project is funded through a successful bid of £4.6 million through an interest free loan from not-for-profit company SALIX as well as £5.95 million Council Capital funding.


Work on the second phase of the LED replacement programme began in September 2019 and is due for completion by Autumn/Winter 2021.

Further information

Find out more about the LED Replacement project

Have your say

If you have had work completed on streetlights in your area as part of this programme of switching to LED lamps, our contractor would like to hear from you. They have created a short survey so you can tell us how satisfied you were with any work that was carried out.

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