Description of the Scheme

This project will see the completion of the route along Duke Street connecting the Northern side of the bridge to Gorsey Lane and the improvement of the crossings at Duke Street/Dock Road junction.

It will link into the Wallasey Cycle Network, supporting previous council initiatives.

Work for the project will involve:

  • 1km of newly constructed cycle infrastructure
  • 2 upgraded crossings

Benefits of the Scheme

The project will see improvements made to the network for pedestrians and cyclists, making it safer and more accessible for residents to travel sustainably.

These improvements will:

  • improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • provide attractive routes for pedestrians and cyclists
  • improve health and well-being by encouraging walking and cycling
  • making sustainable travel more accessible, encouraging non-confident cyclists to share the road with HGV’s
  • improve air quality

How the scheme will be funded

This projected is funded by European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF).
£550,000 will be invested into the improvements of the route.


This project is due for completion by December 2020.