Why is this work taking place?

It is providing improvements to one of the Liverpool City Region’s Key Route Network roads which will reduce long term associated maintenance costs supporting connections to and from the M53 corridor as well as new local housing developments with improved traffic flows, more reliable journey times, reduced carbon emissions and road safety benefits.

What is going on? I keep driving past and don’t see any work happening?

The contractor is working full days and some night shifts to complete the works as quickly as possible. Whilst activities may be concentrated in certain locations, other lanes need to be closed in advance of these locations to protect the workforce or allow materials to set.

Why is this work taking place here, there are much worse roads in Wirral?

This road is part of Liverpool City Region’s Key Route Network and the funding was allocated to be spent on this road because of its strategic importance.

There are, however, annual programmes that aim to repair Wirral’s main and residential roads. See the full list of roads being repaired in this year’s programme.

How long will this take?

The work is scheduled to continue until March 2020 but every effort will be made to complete it as early as possible.

Why didn’t you do this in the summer holidays?

The work has been scheduled to try to fit around the works for other schemes going on in the area and following completion of all the necessary design and approvals processes and appointment of the contractor, the soonest we could start on site was early September. As a part of the funding agreement, Wirral Council have committed to deliver the scheme by March 2020.

Will winter and bad weather delay the project?

We hope not but severe weather is a risk to progress although some allowance for this has been made in the works plan and the contractor is already ahead of programme.

Who is project managing this?

The project is managed by Wirral Council with help from our civil engineering professional services supplier, Amey Consulting Ltd.

Why will it take so long?

There is a lot of work to do and we want to complete it safely and whilst keeping traffic flowing, this means it takes longer to complete than if we completely closed the road.

Will it be finished by Christmas?

The work is scheduled to continue until March 2020 but every effort will be made to complete it as early as possible. The main impact is during resurfacing works, which are scheduled to finish before Christmas where possible. There will, however, be restrictions with lane closures applied over the Christmas period but these will be done to minimise disruption to residents and commuters as much as possible.

How much is this costing?

The current estimated total cost of the project is about £3.4 million.