20mph speed limit in Wirral

Wirral Council is looking to introduce more 20mph speed limits.

To do this, the borough has been split into different zones, and over the next four years, we will be looking to introduce 20mph speed limits on almost all residential roads across Wirral. As part of this process, residents will be asked for their thoughts on the schemes before they are introduced.

The introduction of 20mph speed limits is most beneficial in residential, shopping and school areas and therefore each of the zones has therefore been chosen based on the type of area as well as collision data. Main roads (also known as A and B roads) are suggested to keep their current speed limit and not be changed to 20mph unless it (or parts of it) run through local centres (such as residential areas, schools, shopping places, leisure facilities, hospitals and public transport routes). 

Benefits of the scheme 

The proposed 20mph speed limits will focus on creating safe and healthy street environments, which work well for all people and help them live active, healthy lives in areas of good air quality.

The speed limits are part of Wirral’s contribution to the Liverpool City Region Road Safety strategy, which has a vision to reach zero road traffic collisions by 2040, that we adopted in November 2022. 

How the scheme will be funded 

The scheme is funded through the Liverpool City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement Combined Authority Transport Plan. 

Following the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee in March 2022, it was agreed that more funding would be invested to increase the number of 20mph speed limits across Wirral. This is also to help support a national initiative to reduce speeds and help people feel safer on the road.

View more information about the consultation phases of the 20mph Speed Limit scheme on the 'Have Your Say' website