Thousands of Wirral residents will get the chance to shape the priorities and programmes of the public sector in the largest research and consultation project ever seen in the borough.

The council is holding a partnership summit with public sector, business and community groups to discuss its Wirral Plan for 2020, and is launching a borough-wide survey to gather residents’ opinions.

The research, delivered by leading research agency Ipsos Mori, will be repeated annually and is a major element of delivering on the Wirral Plan for 2020.

Leader of Wirral Council, Cllr Phil Davies, said: “Knowing what residents need and want – and then making sure they get it – is the fundamental principle public services in Wirral are built upon.

“To get there, we must first properly understand what is most important to our residents; how they want to improve Wirral, how they spend their leisure time, and what would make Wirral an even better place to live. I urge every resident who receives a questionnaire to participate in the survey.”

Ipsos Mori have been contracted to complete the 2015 programme, to track trends and changing perceptions. The survey will measure opinions on a whole range of factors relating to Wirral as a place to live, including giving the opportunity to provide views on the work of the Council and other public agencies.

The research begins in September 2015 and will continue throughout October. The results of the research will be reported in December 2015.

  • the research will be completed through a postal survey to a random sample of the population, and then appropriately weighted to account for demographic and geographic factors
  • the research methodology has been agreed using LG Inform standards set out by the Local Government Association, which will enable the results to be benchmarked against other Councils throughout the UK
  • residents are therefore unable to ‘volunteer’ to complete a survey, as rules around ‘self-selection’ mean any results are not able to be benchmarked. The Council will follow up this work with a programme of consultation and further, qualitative research with residents
  • the Council has commissioned Ipsos Mori to conduct the 2015 Residents Survey following a competitive tender process. The total cost for the programme of research is £23,250 + VAT. This process will now form part of the Council’s annual business planning process and will be repeated every year.