Pedestrian crossings

Pedestrian crossings such as zebra, pelican, puffin and toucan are provided to assist residents and visitors to Wirral. They are located at sites where there are high volumes of traffic and pedestrians and are provided to give people a safe place to cross.

Our Urban Traffic Control centre monitors more than 215 traffic signal junctions and pedestrian crossings in Wirral.

Can I report a fault with a pedestrian crossing?

State-of-the art equipment alerts us to any faults immediately. However – we still rely on the public to contact us with reports of vandalism to any crossings.

Can I request a pedestrian crossing in my road?

You can suggest a location for a pedestrian crossing using the online request service button on the right or by contacting Streetscene.

Why do you choose certain locations for pedestrian crossings?

Criteria set down by central government determines where pedestrian crossings can and can’t be located in Wirral.

This is based on a number of factors such as traffic counts, pedestrian counts, accident records and whether or not a road presents a division between residents and community facilities.

Can a pedestrian crossing be removed?

A pedestrian crossing will have been introduced for specific community reasons – most likely to be safety related. The matter would need to be investigated in detail and go before elected Members for consideration.

To report any faults with pedestrian crossings or suggest a new location use the Request Service button on the right or contact Streetscene.