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Arranging Your Support

You can choose one of three ways to manage your personal budget: 

1. Take your entire personal budget as a direct payment: This is a cash payment from the council that allows you to directly arrange and pay for the support yourself. This could be employing a personal assistant, support from an agency, or for other things you decide for yourself.  

The cost of support you choose cannot exceed the cost the council pays for similar services.  

If you take your personal budget in cash: 

  • You can manage the cash yourself
  • You can appoint someone to do it for you, for example, your partner, family member or a friend
  • An agency can manage the payroll for the people you employ or they can manage the budget. This agency cannot be the same agency as the one that helped you write the support plan.
  • Our Direct Payments support service can manage it for you

If you take your personal budget in cash you will need to keep records of how you spend the money. We will discuss this with you and can help you with this.

2. Tell us what you want and ask us to pay or arrange to pay for your support needs. If you choose to ask us to arrange support on your behalf, we manage your personal budget for you.

3. Have a combination of the first two choices.

The one you choose will be the one that works best for you. We can work with you and help you figure out the best option for you.