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Telephone Tel: 0151 606 2006

The Older People's Parliament

Wirral Older People’s Parliament was established in January 2007 to provide a way for older people to voice their opinions, inform the Council and influence its decisions. 

It is made up of 44 elected members - four from each of Wirral’s 11 Area Forums. 

It is governed by an Executive Committee and Chaired by Sandra Wall, who has been actively engaged in promoting the involvement of older people across Wirral for many years.

The Parliament meets four times a year, although its executive committee meets at least once a month to discuss the current key issues. 

Much of its work is undertaken through eight sub-committees, which are: 

  • crime and respect
  • disability and safety
  • education and life long learning
  • environment
  • health and social care
  • housing
  • standards and constitution
  • transport

The Parliament is keen to hear from older people across Wirral about the issues which are of concern to them. For more information about the Parliament, or to enquire about joining a committee or attending an event, you can contact: 

Brian Christian (Parliament’s co-ordinator),

The Parliament is fully supported by Wirral Senior Citizens’ Forum.