Barn Owl Cam

A special camera is set up at Wirral Country Park to monitor the habitat and habits of our very own Barn Owls.

Live footage, updated every 5 minutes, is fed from four camera views and there are video highlights of the best footage.

There is also a diary page displaying almost two years worth of weekly events in the life of a barn owl.

Did you know?

  • Barn owls are distinctive and much loved countryside birds that have suffered declines over the past 50 years
  • Declines in the UK population have been mainly due to changes in agriculture but also due to a loss of traditional nest sites
  • On Wirral the barn owl population is now recovering.
  • Barn owls eat mice, voles and shrews that they can detect using sound alone.

Have a look at live footage by accessing the live cam on the right.

The Wirral Barn Owl Trust is a charity which aims to encourage a viable population of barn owls in Wirral. You can find out more about their work by visiting their website.