Housing market information

One of the key functions of the Council's Housing Strategy Team is to keep abreast of the ever-changing housing market and identify emerging trends, which may influence local strategies or implementation programmes. Data is collected from a number of partner agencies, including local Housing Associations (HAs).

Currently the team collects and analyses data on house prices, affordability (income), housing types (private and social accommodation), empty properties, HA decency and HA Stock Standard Assessment Procedure (energy related) ratings. This information is also mapped to facilitate analysis by specific areas, for example, neighbourhoods and wards. The analysis informs Council and partnership-led research, the development of housing strategies and directs the delivery of new affordable housing developments.

This analysis is undertaken within the Housing Strategy Team is also supported and enhanced by research undertaken by consultants on behalf of the Council. This includes Wirral’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and the Private Sector Stock Condition and Home Energy Survey which are two key pieces of research informing the strategic direction of the authority. These documents provide an in-depth understanding of Housing in Wirral.

A Housing Market Briefing paper is also regularly produced to provide up to date information on key issues such as Housing Benefit take up, house prices and sales, and homelessness levels.

Download the most recent Housing Market briefing paper