Home Repair Assistance Loan

Wirral Council can offer financial help for home repairs to homeowners who receive Council Tax Support or who have been refused a commercial loan. An interest-free loan known as a Home Repair Assistance loan is available to people who can’t pay for repairs to their property.

How does the loan work?

The loan is placed as a financial charge on the property. This means it must be paid back to the Council when the property is sold.

The maximum interest-free loan will be £6,000.

What sort of repairs can the loan be used for?

  • Risk of electric shock or fire as a result of a defective electrical installation.
  •  Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas appliance. Any remedial works will be limited to the removal of the defective appliance, and the replacement of an equivalent specification.
  •  Risk of imminent structural collapse of part of the building or structure.
  •  Dampness considered so pervasive as to be prejudicial to the health of the occupant(s).
  •  Faulty domestic water heating appliance, in accommodation occupied by elderly people or young children, requiring repair or replacement.
  •  Properties with collapsed drains causing surcharge of effluent, where remedial works are not covered by property insurance.
  •  Category 1 Health and Safety Rating System hazards under the criterion excess cold (In respect of elderly applicants eligibility will be limited to those who cannot expediently access a Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation grant from the government).
  •  Any other conditions determined by the Council to present an immediate risk to the health and safety of the occupant(s). Each case to be considered on its merits and subject to a risk assessment.
  •  Applicants referred though the Healthy Homes partner agencies or those determined to be in a high risk category will be prioritised subject to available budgets.

 A Home Repair Assistance loan is available to pay for repairs in situations where:

If the cost of any professional investigation such as an electrical, gas engineer's or timber specialist's report is met as part of the loan from the Council, this will have to be paid back to the Council. This is payable whether or not the repairs go ahead.

When a homeowner asks for help, the Council will carry out an inspection of the home. Sometimes the Council might ask for other urgent repairs or improvements to be made. The costs for these will be included in the amount of the loan. Where the cost of works is likely to be over £6,000 a Renovation Loan may be offered instead of Home Repair Assistance.

How can I apply for a loan?

Applicants should contact the Home Improvement Team using the contact details on the right.