Fuel poverty

Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty is where people cannot afford to adequately heat their home to be healthy and comfortable. The Government says that a fuel poor household is one where it has required fuel costs that are above average and its income is below the average poverty line (once housing and fuel costs have been taken into account). Their most recent report in 2014 estimated there were 2.3 million households in England living in fuel poverty in 2012. In some parts of Wirral, every one in five households live in fuel poverty.

The consequences of fuel poverty can be serious for many people. In some instances, households “disconnect” themselves from their energy supply as they only have the money to pay for more immediate needs such as food. If people are not heating their home, properties are cold and damp in the winter months and health problems can become much worse.

The Council works with a wide range of agencies, to reduce fuel poverty in the Borough and help those households in need of assistance.

I’m struggling with my fuel bills – can I get any help?

What is the Council and its partners doing to reduce fuel poverty?