Renewable energy

Get more ‘home grown’ renewable energy

In addition to getting the most from our heat and power it makes sense to get more of it from cleaner renewable sources closer to home. Renewable energy is created from sources that can be used again. 

You may be able to sell surplus energy back to the electricity company.


Take practical action:

  • Switch to a renewable energy tariff
  • Install solar panels
  • Install a heat pump
  • Install a wind turbine
  • Switch to wood fuels


Switch to a renewable energy tariff

It’s not always practical to generate your own electricity but it is possible to switch to a supply tariff that supports renewable energy. Some tariffs buy in renewable energy to match what you use; others invest in new renewable energy schemes. Sometimes it’s a combination of these or additional green features. Visit Ofgem or search online for details of available tariff offers.

  • Switch to a renewable energy tariff


Install solar panels

Solar panels can be used to help heat water (solar thermal) and to generate electricity (solar PV). If you have a suitable unshaded roof or wall:


Install a heat pump

Heat pumps use a small amount of energy to move natural heat from the:



• or water to where it can be used.

The pumping’ process raises the temperature to a useful level. If your circumstances suit,

  • Install a heat pump.


Install a wind turbine

A range of smaller wind turbines are now available suited to homes, farms and workplaces in windy locations. The amount you can generate will vary according to the turbine rating and the wind conditions at your site; it’s best to do a wind survey first. If you have a suitable site:

  • Install a wind turbine


Switch to wood fuels

Wood fuelled heating is making a comeback with wood burners now a popular addition to the living room and wood pellet boilers more common in larger buildings. If you are planning to replace or renovate your heating system why not:

  • Investigate the switch to wood fuels and make the switch if it makes sense.

It is important to note that much of Wirral is designated as a smoke control area. Here only approved smokeless fuels can be burned unless an exempted appliance is used.


Support and further information

Please check with the Planning section before you install any microgeneration technologies.