Local Development Framework Evidence Base

Process Documents

Environmental Protection: Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004

Localism Act 2011

Sustainability Appraisal of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Documents  

The Conservation (Natural Habitat &c) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 – Appropriate Assessments for Land Use Plans

The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

The Plan Making Manual

The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

National Documents

Second Round Growth Points: Partnerships for Growth

Sustainable Communities: Building for the Future

Sustainable Communities in the North West

The Northern Way Business Plan 2005-2008

The Northern Way Growth Strategy 2004

UK Sustainable Development Strategy

National Planning Policy Framework

Regional Documents

The North West Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Capacity and Deployment Study

Sub-Regional Documents

Liverpool City Region Deal

Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership Priority Reports

Liverpool City Region Housing Strategy 2007

Liverpool City Region Housing Strategy Northern Housing Market Assessment 2007

Liverpool City Region Overview Study Main Report and Technical Appendix

Liverpool City Region Renewable Energy Capacity Study – Stage One Report

Liverpool City Region Renewable Energy Capacity Study – Stage Two Report

Liverpool City Region Ecological Framework

Merseyside Economic Review 2012

Merseyside Green Belt Study 2004

Merseyside Historic Characterisation Project  

Merseyside Local Transport Plan

Merseyside Minerals Study 2008

Peel Ports Masterplan

Water Cycle Study for Wirral and Liverpool (forthcoming)

West Cheshire-NE Wales Study 2004

Wirral Documents

Housing Market Renewal: Church Road, Tranmere Masterplan (September 2005)

Housing Market Renewal: Fiveways, Rock Ferry Masterplan (May 2005)

Housing Market Renewal: North Birkenhead Masterplan (June 2005)

Integrated Regeneration Study for Birkenhead and Wirral Waters

Revised Schedule of Sites of Biological Importance 2011

Revised Schedule of Local Geological Sites 2011

Wirral 2025 - More Equal More Prosperous

Wirral Affordable Housing Viability Assessment 2010

Wirral Biodiversity Audit 2009

Wirral Employment Land Study 2009

Wirral Employment Land and Premises Study Update 2012

Wirral Housing Needs and Market Assessment Update 2010

Wirral Investment Strategy  

Wirral Landscape Character Assessment 2009

Wirral Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Wirral Playing Pitch Assessment - Assessment Report 2004

Wirral Playing Pitch Assessment - Strategy & Action Plan 2004

Wirral Retail Study Update 2012

Wirral Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2009

Wirral Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment 2011

Wirral Town Centres, Retail and Leisure Study 2009

Wirral Town, District and Local Centre Study and Delivery Framework 2011

Irby Village Action Plan

Liscard Action Plan

New Ferry Action Plan

Seabank Road Action Plan

Seacombe (Poulton Road) Action Plan

Wallasey Village Action Plan

Wirral Waters Strategic Regeneration Framework

Wirral Assessment of Core Strategy Transport Impacts 2012

Wirral Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2012

Main Report
Appendix 1 – Past Housing Demolitions
Appendix 2 – Past Housing Completions
Appendix 3 – Full Sites List by Category and Electoral Ward
Appendix 4 – Sites Designated for Employment
Appendix 5 – Sites in Use for Recreation
Appendix 6 – Sites Within a Designated Conservation Area
Appendix 7 – Sites at High Risk of Flooding
Appendix 8 – Residential Garden Sites
Appendix 9 – Sites with Potential for Conversion
Appendix 10 – Sites Restricted by IHP
Appendix 11 – Committed Residential Sites

Site Proformas

To view the site boundaries please refer to the documents below:

Wirral Open Space Assessment 2012

Main Report
Appendix 1 - Schedule of Changes Since July 1994
Appendix 2 - Provision of Publicly Accessible Open Space
Appendix 3 - Schedule of Audit Site Scores
Appendix 4 - Key to Settlement Areas
Appendix 5 - Schedule of Open Space by Settlement Area
Appendix 6 - Provision of Open Space in Wirral
Appendix 7 - Parks and Gardens
Appendix 8 - Natural and Semi Natural
Appendix 9 - Amenity Green Space
Appendix 10 - Outdoor Sports
Appendix 11 - Provision for Children and Young People
Appendix 12 - Allotments
Appendix 13 - Cemeteries and Churchyards
Appendix 14a - Parks and Gardens 400m Buffer
Appendix 14b - Parks and Gardens 1000m Buffer
Appendix 15a - Natural and Semi Natural 400m Buffer
Appendix 15b - Natural and Semi Natural 1000m Buffer
Appendix 16 - Football Pitches Demand Profile
Appendix 17 - Rugby Pitches Demand Profile
Appendix 18 - Cricket Pitches Demand Profile
Appendix 19 - Tennis Courts Demand Profile
Appendix 20 - Bowling Greens Demand Profile
Appendix 21 - Hockey Pitches Demand Profile
Appendix 22a - Outdoor Sports Facilities 400m Buffer
Appendix 22b - Outdoor Sports Facilities 1000m Buffer
Appendix 23a - Football Pitches 400m Buffer
Appendix 23b - Football Pitches 1000m Buffer
Appendix 24a - Rugby Pitches 400m Buffer
Appendix 24b - Rugby Pitches 1000m Buffer
Appendix 25a - Cricket Pitches 400m Buffer
Appendix 25b - Cricket Pitches 1000m Buffer
Appendix 26a - Bowling Greens 400m Buffer
Appendix 26b - Bowling Greens 1000m Buffer
Appendix 27a - Tennis Courts 400m Buffer
Appendix 27b - Tennis Courts 1000m Buffer
Appendix 28a - Artificial Turf Pitches 400m Buffer
Appendix 28b - Artificial Turf Pitches 1000m Buffer
Appendix 29a - Amenity Green Space 400m Buffer
Appendix 29b - Amenity Green Space 1000m Buffer
Appendix 30a - Provision for Children and Young People 400m Buffer
Appendix 30b - Provision for Children and Young People 1000m Buffer
Appendix 31a - Allotments 400m Buffer
Appendix 31b - Allotments 1000m Buffer
Appendix 32a - Borough Overview by Settlement Area
Appendix 32b - Borough Overview by Settlement Area Including Sites Within 400m Buffer
Appendix 33a - Schedule of Sports Halls, Gymnasiums and Studios
Appendix 33b - Summary of Sports Halls, Gymnasiums and Studios by Settlement Area
Appendix 34 - Swimming Pools
Appendix 35 - Squash Courts
Appendix 36 - Map Showing Public and Private Swimming Pools
Appendix 37 - Indoor Sports Halls
Appendix 38 - Gymnasiums

Sustainability Appraisal Baseline Review 2012

Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Social Inclusion 
Section 3 - Sustainable Consumption and Production
Section 4 - Environmental Protection and Enhancement
Section 5 - Natural Resources
Section 6 - Quality of Life
Section 7 - Plans, Policies and Programmes

Core Strategy Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy Economic Viability Study

Wirral Local Plan Economic Viability Assessment Methodology 27 June 2013 
Wirral Local Plan Economic Viability Assessment 25 September 2013

Wirral Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update - Stakeholder Workshop 14 October 2013

Presentation 1 - Housing Requirement Workshop
Presentation 2 (Part 1) – SHMA Workshop
Presentation 2 (Part 2) - SHMA Workshop
Questions and Issues to Discuss